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Multi Lucky Personal Accident

Life can be unpredictable. No one knows when an accident can happen. Nasty events can cause serious changes in your life. The lifestyle and comfort you and your spouse are now enjoying may be suddenly disrupted by an accident. Overnight, things could look very different. That is why a comprehensive accident policy is essential for you to fall back on.

BUT now, you can be assured of a reliable help in time of need with Multi Lucky Personal Accident at minimal cost.

This policy's unique features include:

    In the event of an accidental permanent total paralysis, a lump sum of 200% of your Capital Sum Insured will be made payable based on the plan was selected.

    In the event of an accidental death or permanent disability, we would settle your outstanding financial obligation on your housing loan and/or motor loan up to six (6) months repayment sum and/or the outstanding balance on your Credit Card(s) at the time of the accident. The amount payable depends on the plan selected.

    A lump sum of RM 5,000 for necessary expenses incurred by the Insured's family and we also offer a sum of reward, depending on the plan selected, for information leading to the recovery of the Insured. In addition, the Capital Sum Insured will be paid in full if the kidnapped Insured is not recovered after a short period of one (1) year from the day of the kidnap.

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