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We insure your property against loss or damage by any unforeseen sudden and accidental cause arising from :

  1. Fire and / or lightning
  2. Accidental Damage
  3. Theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent entry or exit

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Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy indemnifies the Insured against any unforeseen and physical loss or damage from causes such as defects in casting and material, faulty design, faults at workshop or in erection, bad workmanship, lack of skill, carelessness, shortage of water in boilers, physical explosion, tearing apart on account of centrifugal force, short circuit, storm or from any other causes not specifically excluded under the policy

The Money Insurance Policy basically covers the following

  1. Money in Transit

    Loss of money whilst in transit from the insured’s premises to bank and vice versa whilst accompanied by the insured’s authorised employees.

    In respect of cover for salaries/wages, this continues until the monies insured are fully paid out to the insured’s employees.

  2. Money in Premises

    Loss of money whilst the money is kept in a locked safe or strong room at insured's premises by forcible and violent entry upon the premises; as a result of robbery and/or hold up whilst in the premises.

  3. Safe/Strong Room

    Damage to the safe/strong room following forcible and violent entry upon the premises or as a result of a robbery or hold up is covered.

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Breakage (scratches excluded) of any plate glass as a result of accident or misfortune. The policy pays the cost of any necessary boarding up pending replacement of the broken glass subject to the limit of the sum insured.

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