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Multi Biz Protector

Our Multi Biz Protector is a comprehensive insurance plan that protects your business against all possible risks.

The unique features of this Insurance include:

  1. Full Theft cover for losses within the premises up to RM50,000 or total sum insured of Section II - All Risks, whichever is lower.
  2. Cover for Portable Equipment up to RM1,000 outside your premises
  3. Personal accident cover of RM10,000 per person for two (2) of your employees while carrying money to or from bank
  4. Free cover up to RM1,000 each on:
    • Innkeeper’s liability (applicable to budget hotels, homestay, boarding house and rest house operator)
    • Signboard/neon sign damage due to fire and windstorm
  5. Flexible — You have the choice to opt for the coverage which best suits your business requirements: four (4) choices of plans

This insurance is designed for retail-cum-commercial, mainly neighbourhood type shops and individual shops in shopping mall such as:

  1. General Merchandise shops unless excluded
  2. Mini market, supermarket, grocery stores (excluding 24-hour stores)
  3. Laundries, launderettes and dry cleaners
  4. Hair dressing salon, beauty salon, manicures and pedicures
  5. Budget hotels, homestay, boarding house and rest house
  6. Office, small office home office (SOHO)
  7. Private tuition, learning centre, dancing school, kindergarten, Kindercare, daycare centre
  8. Nursing homes, orphanages, welfare homes
  9. Doctors’ and dentists’ clinics and consulting rooms
  10. Religious institutions
  11. Coffee shop, restaurant, cafés, cafeteria, bistros, canteen
  12. Bakery and confectionery shops excluding large scale manufacturers

With a single Policy and proposal form for comprehensive cover, you can save on administration time and easy monitoring of expiry date. Plus the premium is very much affordable.

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