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Medic SME

This is a simple and easy-to-sell Group Medical Insurance designed to provide medical benefits for small and medium sized organisation of fewer than 150 employees.


  • All eligible expenses are covered up to the limits of policy.
  • Medical Card facility for admission and discharge from panel hospitals and our Panel Clinics.
  • One common level of premium regardless of age, occupational class and gender.
  • Max entry age is 65 years but renewable up to 70 years.
  • Optional covers for Dependants.
  • Covers for Outpatient Cancer Treatment and Outpatient Kidney dialysis treatment.
  • Optional coverage for Clinical Benefits with four optional plans – for group size of more than 10 employees only.

Eligibility – all your active service employees and their dependants who are Malaysian and residing in Malaysia.

Age Limit – Employee and Spouse: 16 to 65 years and renewable up to 70 years (last birthday).

Child – 30 days to 23 years (last birthday) if still on full-time education and not gainfully employed.

Minimum Group size – Five active service employees for Hospitalisation & Surgical Plan. But for Clinical Plan, the group size is more than 10 active service employees.

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